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Decades Of Commitment To The Injured And Disabled

You're not alone after an injury. Our firm stands up for the compensation you deserve.

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury

A serious injury can stall your life. We can help you can secure appropriate compensation and move forward again.

Social Security Disability

Secure the financial support you need after a serious injury that causes long-term limitations.

Veterans' Claims

Our firm helps military veterans secure the full range of veterans’ benefits for which they are eligible.

Professional, Proactive Representation

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When you’re seriously injured or disabled, you’re vulnerable. Unfortunately, it’s in this time of need that you’re also expected to navigate complicated legal systems and impassive bureaucracies to secure essential compensation to help you recover. You may not even realize the full extent of benefits that may apply to your situation. There’s a lot at stake, and without an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process, you may end up getting shortchanged. At Berk Law, our attorney, Todd M. Berk, has been providing strong legal representation to injured and disabled clients for more than 35 years. Our capable and friendly staff members have been with him for between 10 and 30 years. Our practiced legal team knows the challenges you face and knows how to navigate them effectively and efficiently. When your future is at stake, you can depend on our firm to stand behind you every step of the way.

Helping You Carry On

An unexpected injury not only causes pain and suffering; it can also mean that you’re unable to work and collect a paycheck. What do you live on when the medical bills are piling up and your job is on hold, maybe forever? Fortunately, there are legal options to help you through your difficult situation. Individuals who are unable to work for at least 12 months can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD). For those with a limited work history or physical or mental impairments that preclude work, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be an option. Individuals who have been hurt through the negligence of others, whether through a car accident or other incident, can pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. We also assist veterans in their efforts to collect a range of benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA). Our law firm can guide you through process and provide clear and focused representation with the goal of securing the maximum compensation for your needs now and in the future.

Start The Process

If you’ve been injured or disabled, you deserve assistance and respect, not denials and brush-offs. We’d be happy to answer questions you have about a personal injury claim or SSD or SSI eligibility at your free initial consultation. Your life matters, your family matters, and we’re here to protect your finances, health and future. To schedule your appointment at our Philadelphia office call 215-989-4187, or use our contact form to communicate your situation.

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